A Small Kitchen Gadget That Makes Short Work Of Preparing Vegetables & Fruit In An A-Peeling Way

KP duty in days gone by usually meant peeling potatoes–a relatively labor intensive, boring job.  Now you can buy electric peelers  designed to peel potatoes automatically.  Some version of this  has been around roughly since the 80’s, and unfortunately the expectations exceeded the reality.  You are still better off using the old fashion peeler.  But with so many on the market, how do you choose?

MarkdownMom  likes the OXOGood Grips Pro Swivel Peeler.  An item rated high by users and, what MDM especially likes features replaceable blades (sold separately) making it possible to just replace the blade when it becomes dull.  Priced at $12.99 at Amazon.  Black only.

A second choice you might want to consider is the Messermiester Pro-Touch Red Serrated Swivel Peeler ideal for soft skin fruit and vegetables.  Stainless steel blade.  Consumers report it makes light work of peeling tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and even squash.  Comes with a clip-on blade guard.  Best price $8.47 at Amazon.   Best Consumer Rated.

What To Buy And What Not To Buy At Warehouse Clubs

A MarketWatch  post today  reminds us all that there are advantages and disadvantages to buying in bulk.  One advantage is saving money by cutting the cost of the unit price.  However, as MarkdownMom has pointed out, the savvy shopper needs to look at the unit price and consider if buying from stores that routinely offer sale prices and coupons is a better buy.

Another important consideration in this article is to really analyze your family needs.  Unless you have a large family or extended family to share the large quantities, it doesn’t make sense to buy perishables since it is unlikely that you’ll use a large quantity of this item prior to their expiration date.  A gallon of catsup doesn’t make sense for two people, etc.

Also remember that certain stores known for a particular item will have better prices  than the warehouse stores.  CD’s, DVDs, etc. are often lower in price at Target, Amazon, WalMart, etc.

However, warehouse stores are excellent for lower prices on meat, tires and batteries, medications and buying in bulk can often save you time, gasoline, and inconvenience and  necessity of multiple trips to keep items in stock for your family.

Fiber Content & Why It's Important To Your Fashion Budget

Vintage designs of bygone eras are often recycled by fashion designers.  With the retro look, consumers have been able to shop the thrift stores, vintage clothing stores, and even tag sales to get that chic old is new again at bargain prices.

Part of the reason that these clothes have withstood the wear and tear of time is that good fashion design is tweaked and recycled but essentially doesn’t  go out of fashion, items  were preserved by proper laundering and storage, and that quality fabrics endure despite the ravages of time.  Fabric content is important especially if you look at your clothes as an investment and equally important as a designer label.   For instance:


Acrylic is not a natural product, but one produced by combinations of chemicals.  First produced in the 1940’s by DuPont under the name Orlan, acrylic is a polycrylonitriles, a possible carcinogen.  Acrylic in apparel is often used as a substitute for wool especially for those who are allergic to wool, and is considered warm,  soft, stain and wrinkle resistant, and takes and hold colors well.  In 2013,  India, a producer of the world’s least expensive cotton, sought to raise its’ price by placing a cap  on the production and export of cotton.  This fueled a price hike that sent the fashion world scurrying since it required manufacturers to buy cotton at higher rates.  From that date, many items in the fashion industry began selling designs blended with acrylic, or totally made with acrylic to keep their retail prices at a level acceptable to customers still dealing with the economic recession.

Although acrylic produces an incredibly soft cloth widely used also as a substitute for cashmere, it does require quite a bit of care.  Despite improvements, its’ surface is vulnerable to pilling and. wear.  It is susceptible to heat, shrinkage and stretching, and to static.

Be sure to remember, that this product is relatively inexpensive, more so than the natural organic sources of cloth, and when buying, prices should reflect that difference.  Designers have been able to maintain lower prices to the consumer by using this substitute,  and that is why MarkdownMom recommends only buying if you want it to last for a season or two and it’s at an incredible markdown.  Otherwise, pay a  little more for a sale item that is 100% organic.

50% Off+Free Shipping On Sneakers at Joe's New Balance Outlet

Runners and just about anyone this time of year need to  consider giving those old, grungy sneakers a decent burial.  Providing an extra incentive is a super sale at Joe’s New Balance®Outlet.

With 50%+ off on orders and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more, you  can give your tootsies a fashionable treat without busting the bank!  Savings on women’s, men’s and kids sneakers plus apparel.


MarkdownMom Says:  Now is the time to put a little Spring Into Your Step!

At The Last Minute–Go Hollywood!

You are down to the wire, but don’t dismay, there are great gifts out there, even at bargain prices.  MarkdownMom found this hot designer fragrance set from Michael Kors at WalMart.

You won’t find a better deal on Very Hollywood anywhere.

1.0 oz. of eau de parfum, 1.7 oz. body lotion, and 1.7 oz. body wash and it’s all for $29.84. Flying out of the stores, so check ahead of time to locate the store that still has it in stock or order it online for belated gifts or to stock up your on hand gift box, but hurry supplies won’t last long!

How Sweet It Is!!!

A Great Gift For Your Least Favorite Person…

There’s always someone in the family or at the office that, well, you know, makes you groan just at the thought of them.  This year turn around that feeling and do something good for the more deserving on the planet and, at the same time, be able to cross the least deserving people off your gift list.

For just$12 you can give the gift of organic manure to help struggling farmers and agribusiness in the world–or give twice the amount for $24.

OxFam America Unwrapped has great gift ideas that will change a family’s life and keep on giving for the  rest of the year, and perhaps the recipient will get the hint.

This Is A Very Good Thing!

Best Deal, Best Buy

No  matter how the holidays go, it is always followed with a general clean-up.  Gift wrapping, food crumbs, salt and dirt dragged in by guests, and who knows what your pet got into and coughed up on the white carpet!  For all your cleaning needs, always use the best and at BestBuy get the best deal on a handheld Dyson vacuum with an extra 20% off the lowest internet price of $219.99, this week’s price of $175.99, new not refurbished, is a steal!

Need A New Computer? Now Is The Time To Buy!

Expect continued improvements on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones as the tech industry incorporates more functions typically found in computers being done by them.  What does this mean for the consumer?  Well, don’t expect red hot deals on the iPad or its’ clones although prices have come down; however, do expect better than average deals on a new computer.

For instance, this week Walmart has a deal on an netbook by Acer for $228.  Remember when netbooks first came out a few years back selling in excess of $500?  Now the prices are cut in half, lighter, with a better keyboard and more memory–in comparison to tablets about half of the price.    Need portability?  Then consider a netbook and wait until tablets come down comparably in price.

Great gift for the family member on the go!

Black Friday Comes Early (Video)

That’s right, now you know why the parking lots at the malls are filled, the retailers have pushed ahead Black FridayBest Buy has already started, and you will find terrific deals at Shopko such as the VuPont Magic Wand Portable Scanner for $99.  Expect more competition for the sales since the employees who usually work on Black Friday will be able to shop these early bargains.  Target will offer their Black Friday deals the week before Thanksgiving.   Sears and others will be open on Thanksgiving

Start checking for Free Shipping JCPenney has free shipping to store site, no minimum purchase.

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Designer Maternity Apparel Under $20!

Being pregnant is a very special time in your life and feeling your best oftentimes means looking your best.  For the fashion conscious on a budget, WalMart has some terrific runway looks in maternity.  MarkdownMom especially loved this outfit by designer Norma Kamali.  This kimono style jersey top comes in sizes S-XL, black only at the budget friendly price of $15.00! Add her leggings for $10.00 and you have a great look to dress up or down.  Norma Kamali’s fashions have appeared in Vogue and InStyle magazines.  Her maternity collection includes draped tees; tie waist, sleeveless, and empire dresses plus other fashions that are pregnant friendly–and most are under $20!

Looking Elegant For Two!