A Razor That Shaves Chocolate!

What is better than chocolate?  Nothing!  Unless it’s chocolate on chocolate.  Decorating a chocolate cake with chocolate ribbons, cupcakes with chocolate shavings, or just making it faster to melt chocolate to  make that wonderful ganache just got easier and cheaper with this handy kitchen gadget from Crate & Barrel.

 We all know how the microplaners have made our meal prep easier and this shaver finely slices  and shaves not only chocolate, but can be used on nuts, soft cheeses, and butter!  Comes with a blade guard and is dishwasher safe.  The Microplane Chocolate Shaver, reg. $14.95 on sale for $7.50 at Crate & Barrel is limited in quanties–so order now.

Crate &  Barrel Winter Sale going on now!


Any candidate of Gordon Ramsey’s “Master Chef,” loves the new innovative kitchen gadgets that make our dishes looking professional with less effort.  All those aspirants will love this new gadget MarkdownMom found  in the new Chefs catalog.  

With improvements on beaters for our favorite KitchenAid mixers that scrape the bowl while mixing the ingredients, add this latest Whisk-A- Bowl attachment from Pourfect.  Working 3 times faster than a regular whisk, this beater with its’ coiled wires lift and blend the ingredients, adding air to every rotation.  Lighter soufflés, creamier and higher meringues, and wait to you see what it does to whipped cream!   

Applications of this tool are only limited by your imagination.  At Chefs™ $42.00-$46.00 depending on your KitchenAid model.  Free Shipping on Purchases of $75 or more at Chefs, use coupon code:  BW1EM6005.  Check out KitchenAids new pasta press attachment, mamma mia!

Pro Tools On Sale For At-Home Master Chefs!

It seems that a number of retailers are in the process of revamping their sites to entice consumers.  Chefs™ has put a new spin on this with a boost for bargain hunters.  Get an additional 10% off, even markdowns, and free shipping on your favorite kitchen helpers. 

MarkdownMom bought this  11 inch ball tipped whisk reg. $15, for $4.45 plus free shipping.  This is a handy whisk for meringues and for decorating with caramel [just like Martha] for literally a fraction of the cost of a similar item.

These offers of 10% discount and free shipping  are  good through August 9, 2010. 

 Just In Time For School Lunches!  

What's Old Is New Again #3: Celebrity Endorsed Kitchen Gadgets

On Monday, March 29, 2010,  Rachael Ray’s TV Show, her guest Super Bowl Champ Reggie Bush introduced us to the new manual

Quick Chef by Tupperware®.

However, this is not a new idea, the Veggie Chop™, reg.$41.99 clearance priced*$29.99.

Plus the scaled down version, the Instant Chopper, reg. $14.99 clearance priced *$9.99.

Now one can say that Tuppeware’s ® Quick Chef, reg.$52.50 with it’s feed tube is a better mousetrap, but if price is the driving force, then perhaps you should consider these alternatives offered by *The Home Marketplace.

Unless, we all lose electrical energy, personally MarkdownMom would rather stay with her Cuisinart food processor because of its’ expanded applications; but, then again, both the Tupperware’s Quick Chef and the Veggie Chop and Instant Chopper are greener since they are manual applications.

Don’t Rely Only On Endorsements, Compare & Choose To Find The Bargain!

What Every Swedish Cook Needs!

Even if you have a dishwasher, there still is a need to wash some items by hand.  Those nonstick pans, those hand-painted plates, the crystal goblets, the overflow from a large party.  Now, washing dishes isn’t all that bad if you have the space; if you don’t, then you juggle where to air dry the plates and glasses without taking up too much of your kitchen counter.  One way is to put your pans and larger cooking dishes in the sink on a drain rack–that is if you have a double sink.  But what do you do when that is full? 

Ikea® has this great space saver Ordning (swedish for dish drainer).  The top portion serves to house your plates and bowls, and the lower vented shelf is perfect for glassware.  With its’ dimensions  19 5/8 “(length)x 10 5/8 “(width)x 14 1/8 “(height), this rack makes a small footprint on your counter, but does double duty.  Made of stainless steel, $19.99.

Pod People

No, we are not talking about devotees of the 1956 sci-fi cult movie Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.  What we are talking about is one of the new genre of hot kitchen gadgets.  On Monday, March 15, 2010 GMA host Becky Worley revealed some of the new items from the 2010 International Homes and Housewares Show.

One new item that MarkdownMom found interesting was the FoodPod™ by Fusionbrands® .  This is one of those new silicone heat resistant products that can make cooking medium size and larger  items fast and safer.  Boiling eggs poses a problem since once you  get the boiling water going for eggs, using a large spoon and dropping them into the water, one by one, inevitably results in cracking one or more eggs that spews its’ albumin into the water.   The FoodPod is a pouch with holes that allows you to boil, blanch, steam and drain in one easy operation many items such as shrimp, small potatoes, eggs, cauliflower and broccoli florets plus it has a handle that also clips onto the pan or lid top for easy retrieval.  It must be noted that smaller items like frozen mixed vegetables can slip through the holes.  At Amazon, $14.50.

Become one of the Pod People,  Handy, Safe, and Efficient!

Accidental Housewife Gives Tips On Spring Cleaning (Video)

Yesterday, Julie Edelman, aka The Accidental Housewife, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to introduce products to help save time and make that Spring Cleaning easier!


For more great ideas, tips, products, and save time while putting some fun back into not-so-fun housekeeping,  check out her books:

The Ultimate Accidental Housewife:  Your Guide To A Clean-Enough House– Amazon, $5.59

The Accidental Housewife:  How To Overcome Housekeeping Hysteria One Task At A Time–Amazon, $11.01

Once Upon A Recipe:  Favorite Tales, Food, and FUNtivities–Amazon, $6.50

This Bundt Is A Home Run!

Even the most frugal of us likes a sweet goodie or two, and if you have the time to try your hand at pastry, here’s how to make homemade and save big bucks!  

MarkdownMom visited the store  for Nordicware®, a store located next to its’ factory in Minneapolis.  Famous for their bundt cake molds and mixes, you can buy nordicware cookware at 10%-30% off retail, and if you go to the far left wall as you enter the door, you will find their markdown area with 50% off and more.  On her visit MarkdownMom picked up a shortcake pan at 50%off and premixed bundt cake mixes for about $3.00

Plus if you are new to baking or want to hone your skills further, they offer instore classes.  There’s nothing better than homemade, and now you can cut your costs even more at this factory store!  When you do, tell them MarkdownMom sent you.

Click Here Markdown Mom’s Nordicware Factory Store Slide Show!

What's Old Is New Again #2!

A bygone frontier era included a self-sufficiency seldom experienced in our present mechanized society.  However, either because of a desire to become green or a desire to create our own homemade gourmet products, a demand for the manual machines of yesteryear has increased. 

Markdown Mom has been watching auction sites, thrift stores, and antique stores and one item that goes for a hefty price , no matter the condition, is a hand butter churner. 

Now, the butter churner has been reproduced at QVC.  The Paderno World Cuisine Butter Maker has the same mechanism updated and made out of metal rather than wood.  Simple to use, just add cream and you can have your own delicious butter.  With additional ingredients such as herbs, you can give your guests and family a gourmet treat–a potential addition to homemade gifts.   QVC offers this at $109.97+sh.  Made in Italy.

T Day Minus 8 and Counting!

Thanksgiving is not far off, and most of us this weekend will either finalize our plans for the feast, or for the majority of us, we will begin to gear up for the holiday.  If you want to be successful at any endeavor you need the right tools.  Just like a surgeon has his/her own instruments specially made, a chef relies a lot on his/her prep tools.  Sharp knives, quality pots and pans, and all those great gadgets that make the task easier, but add that degree of professionalism. 

Markdown Mom came across another one of those hot new gadgets and this one comes from Rachael Ray.  Her silicone lazy spoon and ladle are just perfect for preparing the turkey gravy and so many other dishes.  Comes in green, blue, and orange made from silicone that can withstand temperatures to 500° plus they are notched so that they can rest on the rim of your pan.  What a handy gadget!    At Amazon for $19.95+sh.

Guess Which Color Markdown Mom Bought???