A Small Kitchen Gadget That Makes Short Work Of Preparing Vegetables & Fruit In An A-Peeling Way

KP duty in days gone by usually meant peeling potatoes–a relatively labor intensive, boring job.  Now you can buy electric peelers  designed to peel potatoes automatically.  Some version of this  has been around roughly since the 80’s, and unfortunately the expectations exceeded the reality.  You are still better off using the old fashion peeler.  But with so many on the market, how do you choose?

MarkdownMom  likes the OXOGood Grips Pro Swivel Peeler.  An item rated high by users and, what MDM especially likes features replaceable blades (sold separately) making it possible to just replace the blade when it becomes dull.  Priced at $12.99 at Amazon.  Black only.

A second choice you might want to consider is the Messermiester Pro-Touch Red Serrated Swivel Peeler ideal for soft skin fruit and vegetables.  Stainless steel blade.  Consumers report it makes light work of peeling tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and even squash.  Comes with a clip-on blade guard.  Best price $8.47 at Amazon.   Best Consumer Rated.

TV Programs Join Cyber Monday With Deals

If  you don’t have enough bargains to check out online, TV programs like The View are offering their own deals today.    Check it out:

Calling it Must Have Monday, choose from diamond jewelry, coffee makers, hair styling tools,  portable chargers save up to 78%

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf $98


CBS The Talk has their own Cyber Monday Must Haves from Ebates:




Example, get a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with an easy access Grab-N-GoTM door, reg.$4,299.99 for $2,599.99+6% cash back.



How Many Ways Can You Waffle?

Regular waffles, Belgium waffles, waffle sticks and now Nordic Ware introduces its Egg Waffle Pan.   A favorite street snack from Hong Kong, means little eggs,  that provides an on-the-go light pastry.

This cast aluminum nonstick, hinged, interlocking pans provide even heat cooking, easy release and clean-up.

At Williams-Sonoma $49.95, recipe included.

No, this isn’t about political primaries!

Grease More Than Wheels With This Gadget

Martha Stewart mentioned in passing on making crepes, a handy Japanese kitchen tool that evenly dispenses oil for cooking. baking, or grilling.

This handy device dispenses just the right amount of oil, not too much. not too little, all while keeping your hands grease free!  It’s called a OYATSULAND   or Japanese Oil Brush Set.  Fiber strings not only dispense oil evenly but can get into every nook & cranny of a muffin pan, aebleskiver pan, or any pan to create a natural nonstick surface.

Reusable and relatively inexpensive. this a great little gift for the chefs in your family and a great stocking stuffer!

Best prices at the following merchants:  Amazon from $4.25-$4.99+sh.    Webichi.com $6.49 +sh.

It’s Another Good Thing!


Clay Pot Cooking Without The Pot!

What is old, is new again or so it seems so–even in cooking.  Williams Sonoma is selling sheets of clay to cook your favorite meats in with the main advantage that your guests will ooh and aah at this unique presentation.  

Although this method is quite old, it has had mixed results from fabulous to undercooked.

The kit sells for $14.99 for one time use, personally MarkdownMom recommends checking out prices of the reusable clay pots.  Want to be adventurous and find your own source of clay?  Just make sure it’s food safe.

Tea For Two–Or One!

The most economical way to buy tea is in bulk.  Usually it is fresher andthe cost per ounce is less.  The downside is steaming the tea to extract the full flavor and straining out the leaves.  Now you can do both, a twofer, or two for tea with the Kamjove Press Art Tea Cup.

Like the French Press, this  is a great way to brew a cuppa.  With a patented press valve you can control strength, no leaking when you stop pressing, and stainless steel double filter nets make this item a must have for the tea drinker.

Prices range from $20-$25, at various web sites including Ebay, and local Asian specialty stores such as Noodles & Company.


Okay, Labor Day Weekend spells the end of summer and perhaps the last family summer picnic.  Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad and more.  Sounds heavy, right?  Where does dessert come in–yeah, I know there’s always room for jello, but come on that squiggly mixture can turn into a gloppy mess in hot weather, and it’s not that exciting.

What would you say to a frozen delicious dessert that can rival your favorite gelato, frozen yogurt, is super healthy and  takes minutes to prepare?  Yonanas is a new kitchen gadget that takes those bananas turning brown and turns them into a delicious soft ice cream or fruit popsicle.  Great for the family and cost effective, too.   $49.95+sh, best price on shipping and handling at HSN.

Without a heavy dessert to slow you down, you can scoop all those Labor Day Weekend bargains!



Slice, Dice, Scoop, and Scrape!

Sounds kind of gruesome, but to avid kitchen gadgeteers the thought of being able to do 4 prep jobs with one tool spells must-have!  The Kuhn Rikon set of 2 Scrape and Scoop nonstick knives makes short work with blades made  from Japanese high carbon stainless steel.  Nonstick coating in 1 of 7 popular colors insure a speedy clean-up.  Wide chef knife comes with a knife cover for safety and protection.  Get a set of 2 at QVC for $19.86+sh.

Kuhn Rikon makes it easy to be knife happy!

The Better Mouse Trap (VIDEO)

Every so often, okay more often than not, someone takes an idea and improves on it.  Recently, Cook’s Country TV editor and host Chris Kimball appeared on The Today Show with  Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda with a list of 6 new improved kitchen gadgets.  View these kitchen must-haves.



Good Batter Best!

Most bakers know that you shouldn’t over mix batter for  quick breads, muffins, scones and biscuits–but how can you tell if it is mixed too much?  Well, electric mixers make it easy to incorporate all ingredients evenly, but mixers on certain bake goods can over mix and the results can be a dense, dry and flavorless muffin, or tunnels created in baked goods from an excess of air bubbles beaten into the batter.  So, to get the best results ingredients should be blended just enough to blend the wet and dry ingredients together.

But that’s so hard, I mean all that hand work, right?  And how do you get rid of the lumps?

Don’t despair, the ingenious Wilton® Batter Blender comes to the rescue!  The silicone hand blender  can mix the heaviest batter and it’s scalloped tips can break up any  lumps and will scrape the bowl clean–beside, it’s dishwasher safe.  At Amazon $9.63 or The HomeMarket Place, $11.99.