When To Jump In…

No, we’re not talking about the stock market.  What we are talking about is a bargain site for designer goods where prices keep falling and you decide when the price is right for you to jump in and grab the  bargain!   Tumbledeal has several categories of deals going at the same time, for instance, in fashion the Coach  Overstock Clearance  listed above, and other deals in categories like electronics, lifestyle, etc,. and special events.

The savings can be tremendous, but a buyer must act decisively and quickly before the deal is sold out and–that’s right-G-O-N-E Reportedly, this site can be quite addictive for bargain hunters–a form of retail slot machines!  But hey, it combines two of bargain hunters favorite past times:  (1)the hunt and (2)the quick snatch and grab from under the noses of other bargain seekers.  So, tallyho, and have fun at this site where bargain hunting turns into casino night!

***As with any form of gambling, MDM recommends the buyer check consumer services for handling complaints and/or return and credit policy.

Steals On Stila

Save up to 70% on Stila Cosmetics like this season’s popular  marsala color eyeshadow named Jezebel, orig.$18, now $6.00.

Plus check on Stila’s 20th Anniversary Kits of all-day waterproof liquid eye liners and smudge waterproof eyeliners in a multitude of fashionable colors at extraordinary savings!

Spend $50 and you get free  shipping!



Once in awhile, an issue comes along of such gravity, that it demands our utmost attention and immediate call to arms, and for me this one hits close to home. MarkdownMom asks that you read the following post and act as quickly as possible:

30,000 people die from influenza in the U.S. and they call it a pandemic. 30,000 people die from ALS  and they call it an orphan disease.

Feeling good about the ALS Bucket Challenge?  Well, you should—-and you shouldn’t.  That historic amount raised for ALS is greatly needed money for research, but it doesn’t  go into treatment.  Patients must fight everyday to live, struggling each day to hang on, waiting, hoping… For some eating, speaking, even breathing on your own becomes a luxury.  Quality medical care, necessary to remain alive while the cure or any significant treatment goes through the scientific hoops of clinical trials, becomes impossible to find, to coordinate, and in the case of Cheryl Sweeney, downright dangerous (see previous post).

The disease progresses very fast at times and patients soon find that they are in a medical subclass, too advanced to participate in potential life-saving clinical trials—-for them, it is denied.  Cheryl Sweeney, like other ALS patients, finds herself in such a situation.  The struggle plays upon her mind, the cost of finding qualified care, the problems of scheduling care 24 hours around-the-clock, the stress and toll on family members, feelings of dependency, and the limitations of her body—all creating a sense of despair that can be seen in her eyes and in the limited conveyance of words by her on a computer.

She is one of many in the U.S. and around the world in this position.  Some are doing better, like Stephen Hawking whose celebrity makes available resources that most with this disease do not have access to; some are doing worse in countries where medical resources and equipment are more limited than in the U.S.

But what good are advanced and sophisticated  medical equipment, breakthroughs in medical research, and the most talented physicians and researchers if you don’t have access to them?

However, Cheryl does have something as powerful—a loving family and loyal friends who won’t give up on her and other ALS patients facing this predicament . And now there is real hope, there is the means for inclusion and extension of a breakthrough medical treatment for her and other ALS late stage patients from stem cell treatment with NurOwn(tm) by Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics. However, because she and others are late stage ALS patients, this is not an option.  So close and, yet so far.

But, through the social media, you can help them to gain expanded access to this life-saving treatment.  You can support her and others like her by signing the petition to include them in this new treatment at change.org When could you  with just a click, taking only a second, possibly save so many lives?

Do it right now. Do it for Cheryl. Do it for all ALS patients! image

Tip Of The Week #72: The Fail Safe Finger Test For 50 Shades Of Red–Lipstick!

We all have done it.  We want to be trendy and adventurous and try the latest runway look.  Red lipstick never goes out of style and like the color orange really can look terrible if you get the shade wrong. The trouble is that you have different tones in your skin and what may look spectacular on the back of your hand may not even resemble that test shade when applied to your lips.  So, how can you get a more  accurate reading on how the lipstick will look on your lips without contaminating it?

The tip of your fingers are closer in texture and hue than the back  of your hand.  Add the lipstick color to the tip  of a finger.   Then place your finger next to your mouth, look into a mirror to judge if it accomplishes the desired effect you wanted to achieve.  Easy, peasy right?

Coupon Alert: $1 Off Cover Girl

Here’s the head’s up to save more on your favorite Cover Girl products.  Sunday’s Newspapers will carry a $1 coupon good towards purchase of any Cover Girl product.  So be sure to check the paper  on February 19,  2012, and clip this coupon, too!  A  dollar here a dollar there adds up.  Perfect time to visit their facebook for other deals and new products.

50% Off+Free Shipping On Sneakers at Joe's New Balance Outlet

Runners and just about anyone this time of year need to  consider giving those old, grungy sneakers a decent burial.  Providing an extra incentive is a super sale at Joe’s New Balance®Outlet.

With 50%+ off on orders and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more, you  can give your tootsies a fashionable treat without busting the bank!  Savings on women’s, men’s and kids sneakers plus apparel.


MarkdownMom Says:  Now is the time to put a little Spring Into Your Step!

MAC Attack

M.A.C. has a new line of eyeliners named appropriately  Superslick  Liquid Eyeliner.  Choose from 9 colors.  The gold (Pure Show) and silver (Nocturnal) give superior solid line of iridescent color that make these shades a necessity in your eye wardrobe.  Additionally the green (Treat Me Nice) has a gold luminescence that gives a 3D look to it.

Best Price and selection   Instore Macy’s $17.50.

MarkdownMom SaysPlace brush on its’ side to cover the entire eyelid for a more dramatic look!

New Year's Resolutions #1 Finding The Best Athletic Shoes

Among the top 5 resolutions for the New Year consistently has been either to lose weight or to exercise (more)–in order to lose weight.

But if your feet hurt, how far is the implementation of this resolution going to go? 

Shape Magazine dealt with this conundrum last year in an article by Sarah Bowen Shea with a listing of the best shoes to meet a particular activity.

Here’s is the rundown:


  1. Best Walking Shoes: Ecco Biom Walk, $195.
  2. Best Walking Shoes: Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2, $100.
  3. Best Gym Shoes for All-Around Use: Asics Gel-Upshot,$85.
  4. Best Shoes For Fitness Classes: New Balance WX871, $85.
  5. Best Gym Shoes: Nike Free XT Quick Fit+,$85.
  6. Best Trail Running Shoes for Speed: Saucony Progrid Peregrine,$90.
  7. Best Trail Running Shoes for Distance: Columbia Switchback 2 Low,$75.
  8. Best Trail Running Shoes: Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove,$100.
  9. Best Running Shoes for Cushioning: Under Armour Assert,$70.
  10. Best Running !’hoes for Stability: Reebok Road Supreme II,$100.
  11. Best Running Shoes for Speed: Nike Lunarelite+2,$100.
  12. Best Running Shoes for Distance: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11,$100.
  13. Best Running Shoes: Adidas Adizero Ageis 2,$120.

So now’s the time to put on your walking, running, or playing shoes and just ‘Do It!’

At The Last Minute–Go Hollywood!

You are down to the wire, but don’t dismay, there are great gifts out there, even at bargain prices.  MarkdownMom found this hot designer fragrance set from Michael Kors at WalMart.

You won’t find a better deal on Very Hollywood anywhere.

1.0 oz. of eau de parfum, 1.7 oz. body lotion, and 1.7 oz. body wash and it’s all for $29.84. Flying out of the stores, so check ahead of time to locate the store that still has it in stock or order it online for belated gifts or to stock up your on hand gift box, but hurry supplies won’t last long!

How Sweet It Is!!!