Adults Will Fight The Kids To Play With These Hot Toys!

It use to be up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon.  Now it’s up, up, and away in my beautiful flying saucer. 

 The coolest flying toys offered by Vectron, has this new addition that can be controlled by your palm.  Automatic sensors keep tabs on the distance to the ground to keep it hovering.  This latest interactive toy comes with 1 vectron, 1 charger, and instructions for hours of fun.   Comes in blue and orange.

 At Amazon for $29.95.

For the big kid in your life, check out the Vectron Blackhawk Flying Saucer that hovers, dives, and climbs.   

Four years in development, it uses the latest US Air Force technology. The surrounding ring features an LED display into which you can program up to four separate 30 character messages. These can be changed while the Blackhawk is flying. Additional green LEDs run along the top and bottom of the ring. The flying saucer is tethered by a command line that sends the power and commands to the Blackhawk, eliminating the need for batteries. (The docking station plugs into any AC power outlet.) The command line can also be threaded through the docking station to your specified length which prevents the flying saucer from flying off out of control, so you can fly it safely even in the smallest of spaces! A training feature steps in to prevent crash damage, making learning to fly the Blackhawk a piece of cake. It also features a turbo mode that makes the controls more sensitive and an autopilot mode that controls the Blackhawk hands free. A safety feature is included that stop the propellers automatically upon contact with any object.  At Amazon for $49.95.

Remember, Providing Hours of Fun, Means Keeping Kids and Hubby Out of Your Hair!

Customize Your Valentine For FREE & Capture Those Special Moments!

Take heart it’s not too late to get a personalized gift for your favorite valentine.  Capture those special moments for your loved one.  Use your own photos,  video clips, and your special song to create a customized valentine. Make a 30 second valentine video from Animoto® for FREE!  Or full video for  $3 or unlimited videos for a year for $30.  You choose!

So Little Effort For Such A Big Dividend!!! 

Weekend Sales Review: Super Savings–Something For Everyone Including Football Tickets!

FYI:   Weekend Sales Review is updated throughout the weekend…

Sharper Image:  Electronic innovations for everyone in the family and every room in your house.  Technology to make your life easier, interesting, and healthy.  10% off everything.   TODAY ONLY 01/22/2010.  Offer expires at midnight.

4WD®Hardware:  Want to get your man away from the tube this weekend?  Tell him about this sale on Jeep parts & accessories.  Save 15% sitewide on selected Jeep products.  Sign up to win a Jeep, too.

Michaels.  Calling all crafters.  25% off  entire purchase this Sunday, 4-8 PM Coupons.  Part of their January Madness Sale.

Newport News.  Fashions and accessories.  Clearance under $25, pick your savings!  Save up to 85% off cold weather clearance items.

ShopNBC:  5 Value Pays on everything.    Part of their New Decade Weekend Celebration!

 J&R.   Over 100 weekend sale deals.  Play your tunes in style!

Luggage Online.  Free Shipping + Take 20% off  site-wide.  Here’s your chance to travel in style.

Ticket Network.  Save on $10 on $200 NFL Tickets, use promo code:  NFLSAVE10.  Special shows:  use promo code; BWAYSAVE10.®.  Last chance to save up to 40% off Rachael Ray Exclusive Sets like roasting dishes a nd bakeware.  Prices good through January 31,2010.

Mikasa.  10% off clearance-4 days only.  Check out  their “ Deal of the Day,”  up to 80% off.

Coldwater Creek Outlet.  Up to 85% off everything in outlet.  Check out knit duster, boyfriend sweater without the sleeves.

Charles & Marie.  Specialty store with edgy and quirky items.  Up to 70% off Menu Sale.  Like a cell phone charger tray, reg.$50, menu sale $19.90-neat idea!

Wednesday Steal: Plug-In Your Student And Save!

Summer sales went bye-bye sooner than expected.  For some of us in certain parts of the nation, we are still waiting for summer’s arrival.  However, go shopping  and not only has the season past, but beginning the first part of July, retailers were already setting up for Back-to-School! Having given up on the lackluster sales of summer, stores needed to recoup losses with early sales of school supplies.  Markdown Mom usually waits until after school has started to get the best bargains on school supplies because even with suggested lists given out by the schools inevitably the lists are wrong and then you end up with a lot of unnecessary supplies at full price.

However, having said that there are  exceptions.  One exception is buys on computers.  This month you will see great deals on computers–desktops, laptops, and notebooks.  As a student or buying for student, computer manufacturers and retailers will be going all out to salvage a lackluster year not only with great bargains but special packages bundled with computers.  If you are a first-time computer buyer your best bet is a laptop because of its’ versatility.  Although mini or netbooks have increased in popularity, they lack the CD disk drive or DVD, therefore,  mini books should be auxiliary equipment to your present desktop or laptop  or notebook computer system.

You can get a desktop computer at major retailers like Wal-Mart under $400 and laptops for under $500. These special prices typically aren’t seen again until the holidays, and are not off-brand but include major computer companies.  Shop around for the best package to meet your needs, remember you’ll pay more for the lastest innovations with all the bells and whistles, but you’ll be surprised by just how much you get with these baseline packages.

Markdown Mom's FIND: Just Like Martha

Martha Stewart has become the spokesperson for the best in culinary arts.  But having the best can be very expensive. is dedicated to finding the best for less, or Elegant Living On A Budget.

One of the best juicers evaluated by consumers is the Breville Juice Fountain. The first generation was pricey at $199, and the newest models in this line can run from $99-$399.95. Yikes! Although we can agree that this product is probably well worth it, few of us can afford that steep price.

Markdown Mom was shopping at her favorite thriftbreville juicer store and found a first generation Breville Juice Fountain. No, it wasn’t in a box, but scotch taped altogether, and appeared that all the pieces were there and intact. Even if it was missing a piece, you can always email or write the manufacturer and pay for a replacement part providing that the item is not ancient.  Like every used electronic, Markdown Mom tested it instore by plugging in the base; however, it did not turn on. Reasoning that it probably had a safety feature like other processors that require complete assembly to make it operational, and there wasn’t an “as is” disclaimer on the item, a chance was taken because of its’ $19.99 price, yes, under $20, and purchased. After getting it home and assembling it, Markdown Mom tested it and violà! It works perfectly.

Here is where some knowledge of electronics, and the willingness to take a chance on an item that was used, but in good condition, paid off. There was a back-up on this in that the thrift store would honor return of the item in 7 days with the sales slip.

See, You Can Get The Best Like Martha–You Only Have To Be Willing To Take A Chance!

It’s A Better Buy!


A-h-h-h the convenience of the technology wonders of the world!  They hook us up to friends and information around the globe, they make fixing our meals easier, housework more convenient–and increase our home insurance or renters rates!  How? Well come on, with all those wires strewn around our home or apartment it creates an environment where accidents are waiting to happen.  If you are like most of us with too many of these wires just hanging, tangling, and tripping you up, them Markdown Mom has found a great resource to help you in to untangle your life, one cord at a time!

Flatwire Ready. com is as they claim the invisible wire solution. Thin, flat mounted to any virtual surface, paper thin, and flexible. Qualities we all admire. You can supply your audio, video, data, and selected lighting electrical needs without paying any expensive installation costs. Great for the homeowner and renter alike!

With a number of ideas in the hopper, this innovative company is not only great for consumers–especially DIYers, but investors as well!


Smoked fish is a delicacy in many countries and the scandinavians have their own version of lox with various smoked fish. In our own backyard, one of the best resources for delectable smoke fish is Russ Kendall’s Smoke House in Knife River, Minnesota.

Located  at 149 on Scenic Highway 61, Russ Kendall’s Smoke House has been a family owned store since the 1920’s and is known far and wide for their smoked fish that includes trout, salmon, whitefish, herring, ciscoes, and other seafood delicacies. Markdown Mom especially recommends the trout smoked in brown sugar. Contact them at 1-218-834-5995 to place mail orders.

Smoked fish can be a great addition to any buffet. Elegant enough for a wedding reception, or an appetizer for any occasion.


We’ve all seen different boxes for recharging up our cell  phones, MP3 players, but JCPenney has got it right with this one, a complete charging station with bulletin board/magnetic board, adjustable shelves, stereo speakers, and loads of connectors for all your electronic gadgets!

Hurry, the steal price of $79.99, reg. $299.99 is only good today, Wednesday, June 3rd!

And well, it only comes in white, but if you want to have it go with your decor, remember spray paint.  Great gift for college bound grads, too!

Some Things Do Pan Out!

Le Creuset, one of the premier lines of cookware, is having 100 In 100 Contest to introduce its’ new Try-Ply Stainless Steel cookware.  Each day until August 4, 2009 it will draw one winner to receive an item from this exciting new line of cookware from Le Creuset.  Enter now and see if you win, must be 18 years of age.

Vive La Différence!

Wednesday Steal: If You Can't Mangle Like Martha, Then Press On!

Can’t afford a $2000 mangle like Martha has?  The next best things to it is the Conair® Fabric Presser. Now you can make short work of pressing those linens, slacks,  sewing projects, and it’s on sale today at JCPenny’s. This machine comes with steam settings that takes out all those wrinkles!  Also includes wet and dry pressings.  Presses 3 times the surface of your iron and folds & locks for convenient storage.  Reg. priced $149.99, steal priced today only $49.99.

Plus at JCPenney’s take an extra  40% off original prices online and in the catalog and an extra 10% off sale prices–sorry this won’t apply to wednesday steal priceUse promo code:  WOW40 at checkout.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Great way to make short work out of ironing, and gain more time for fun this summer!