When To Jump In…

No, we’re not talking about the stock market.  What we are talking about is a bargain site for designer goods where prices keep falling and you decide when the price is right for you to jump in and grab the  bargain!   Tumbledeal has several categories of deals going at the same time, for instance, in fashion the Coach  Overstock Clearance  listed above, and other deals in categories like electronics, lifestyle, etc,. and special events.

The savings can be tremendous, but a buyer must act decisively and quickly before the deal is sold out and–that’s right-G-O-N-E Reportedly, this site can be quite addictive for bargain hunters–a form of retail slot machines!  But hey, it combines two of bargain hunters favorite past times:  (1)the hunt and (2)the quick snatch and grab from under the noses of other bargain seekers.  So, tallyho, and have fun at this site where bargain hunting turns into casino night!

***As with any form of gambling, MDM recommends the buyer check consumer services for handling complaints and/or return and credit policy.

Tip Of The Week #71: Electrical Home Maintenance

Remodeling and updating often requires changes to the electrical system.  Some changes are easy and not prohibited by local ordinances.  DIYers can often do these changes provided that they research the project and take the necessary safety precautions.  This is especially true when dealing with electrical wiring.  Homes that are completely finish may require more than just a sensor to find where the wires are hidden in the walls.  Older homes can hide old wiring even gas lines for lighting.  And you can never be sure if the previous changes to the system met code or are safe.  MarkdownMom has found lamp cords used to extend outlets for light fixtures, junction boxes hidden in the wall, and wiring that did not follow any known schematic plan.

1.   Major renovations are those that require deconstruction to the bare walls unless you have a current electrical plan with your home plans  that is fully updated and includes any recent renovations.

2.    Outfit yourself with the necessary tools before starting any project.  Even replacing a regular outlet with a GFI can hold dangers.  Testers that will indicate if the outlet is properly grounded or “live” are a must.

3.  When in doubt about the electrical layout, MarkdownMom always shuts down the entire system at the box to insure that you won’t run into an unknown “live” wire.  It’s important to have adequateht  lighting, so be sure to have flashlights available.  A must have  light MarkdownMom prefers is one that has an elastic band and is worn on your head leaving your hands free to do the work.

4.  Take as many CEE courses offered from technical schools or  DIY stores and suppliers and  adult learning classes offered by the public schools.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Read references books.  Old reference books can give you an idea of what you may encounter when renovating vintage properties.

5.  Draw up a plan and run it by your local expert at the hardware store or home supply store or if you’re lucky a friend with extensive knowledge and experience.

5.  Call in professionals as dictated by your local ordinances and get necessary building permits if required.  MarkdownMom views herself as a somewhat savvy diyer, but would not attempt to do projects that require dealing with the major power line coming into a dwelling and this includes providing power to a new building,  replacing an electrical box with a larger one, carrying electricity to an unattached garage or out-building, even to using 240/30A or 240/40A wire commonly used for electrical dryers and stoves.   And when necessary get the building inspector to sign-off on any of your work.

MDM Says:  Remember Safety Is Always  #1  In Cost Savings!

Best Deal, Best Buy

No  matter how the holidays go, it is always followed with a general clean-up.  Gift wrapping, food crumbs, salt and dirt dragged in by guests, and who knows what your pet got into and coughed up on the white carpet!  For all your cleaning needs, always use the best and at BestBuy get the best deal on a handheld Dyson vacuum with an extra 20% off the lowest internet price of $219.99, this week’s price of $175.99, new not refurbished, is a steal!

Need A New Computer? Now Is The Time To Buy!

Expect continued improvements on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones as the tech industry incorporates more functions typically found in computers being done by them.  What does this mean for the consumer?  Well, don’t expect red hot deals on the iPad or its’ clones although prices have come down; however, do expect better than average deals on a new computer.

For instance, this week Walmart has a deal on an netbook by Acer for $228.  Remember when netbooks first came out a few years back selling in excess of $500?  Now the prices are cut in half, lighter, with a better keyboard and more memory–in comparison to tablets about half of the price.    Need portability?  Then consider a netbook and wait until tablets come down comparably in price.

Great gift for the family member on the go!

Black Friday Prices Not Always The Lowest

According to Consumer Reports.org the best deals on electronics such as laptops, tv’s, and cameras may come after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Oftentimes the advertised door busters involve no name brand items and quality is dubious, prices  for better brands will go down during the holiday season and prices are affected by Wall Street and other financial indicators; if they remain volatile, expect retailers to take deeper cuts.

This year many retailers have already begun discounting items and are opening their doors Thursday night to boost their sale numbers over last year.  Unless you are willing to forego Thanksgiving altogether by standing in line for 7-10  hours to be the first 10-15  to get a very limited number of the best deals, forget about it.  Whatever you choose to do, be sure  to do your homework on prices and quality–knowledge is the best guide for the bargain hunter~

Gamers This Is Your Wednesday Steal!

Only Online and Only Today, At JCPenney, get this Wii Gamer Pack compatible with Wii and GameCube.  This Pack includes shock remote control, 3D hologram skin lets you style your remote to your own identity, rubberized battery compartment for a better grip, and matching wrist strap.  Reg $59.99, today only steal priced at $ 14.99.  Save more money by shipping to store for free!

Presidents' Day Sales

ShopNBC. 5 Value Pays through February 21, 2011–some items have even 6 value pays!

Williams-Sonoma.  Take an extra 25% off sale items.  Add promo code:  PRESIDENT25 at checkout.  MarkdownMom liked the sanding sugars for $3.99.

PotteryBarn. Save an extra 15% off all clearance through February 21, 2011.  Promo Code: SAVE15.

Eddie Bauer®. Save up to 75%  off President’s Day Clearance.

Macys. An extra 15% off through February 21, 2011.  Promo Code:  PRESIDENT.

Talbots. Extra 25% off sale & clearance through February 21, 2011.

Sam’s Club. $30 instant savings on HP 210 Netbook, Intel Atom N455, 250GB, 10.1″ – Ice Berry, now $296.88.

Weekend Review: Which Is The Better Deal?

ShopNBC is offering 6 value pays on everything even clearance!  As MarkdownMom has written before this is one way to extend the initial hit of buying an expensive item with ø interest.  However, you must remember to account for these payments each month and to make it a great deal, be sure that you are getting a bargain. 

For instance,  a Cricut CakePersonal  Electric Cutter™ is selling for $409.98 with $12.99 sh making 6 value pays of $68.33.  WOW!  However, compare to the same item being offered at HSN for $399.95 with $17.22 sh and 4 payments of $99.98. 

Which Is The Better Deal? 

  •  HSN price is lower, but sh is more expensive.  Totally, you save only $5 over ShopNBC.
  •  If company is located in your state, you could pay sales tax.
  • HSN has bundled this machine with more software than ShopNBC.
  • HSN  offers a 3 year protection plan for $39.95, a must if you read the reviews.
  • ShopNBC has more stretched out the cost to 6 payments, than 4 payments at HSN making it easier on the budget.

So, as you see there are many factors that come into play when trying to get the best deal, as MarkdownMom says weigh everything when making any purchase so that you have no regrets later.