Lint Lizard Review — Buy 1 Get 1 Free (UPDATE:YES–The Lint Lizard is in Stores! Find Out Where…)

A cool new product — you may never look at your dryer the same!

Fact: Dryers become clogged — even if you change your lint filter before and after each use .

Yes, the lint filter catches most lint. But lint remains. Some of the lint falls into the nooks and crannies of the dryer’s internal ventilation ducts. Over time this buildup may prevent hot air from escaping. If the hot air cannot escape, there is a greater risk of fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in 1998, clothes dryers were associated with 15,600 fires, which resulted in 20 deaths and 370 injuries.

You’ll need something to enter the internal ducts of your dryer and suck up remnant lint. The Lint Lizard may help.

Lint Lizard

There is an As Seen on TV infomercial for a dryer lint cleaner. It’s called the lint lizard.

Basically it is an extended hose for your vacuum that is designed to fit in your lint trap. After you attach it to your vacuum, you feed the hose in the nooks and crannies of the dryer. It sucks trapped lint out of the dryer. The amount of lint it collects depends on many factors. First, experts recommend you give your dryer a deep cleaning every year. If you haven’t done this for a while–you’ll probably find more lint than you’d ever expect. Second, it depends on how often you clean your removable lint filter. If you don’t clean this filter before and after each use; you’ll likely find a lot of lint in the dryer’s internal ducts.


The the pros are that you will have a clean dryer. This in turn cuts drying time, increases dryer performance, prolongs dryer’s life and reduces the risk of a vent fire. The lint lizard with it’s suction abilities will collect more lint than any extended bush. These are all good benefits.

The cons are that you really do not know if you are getting all the lint unless you dismantle the dryer. (Or get an optic hose with a video camera to probe). You will, however, get a good feeling when you suck up more lint than you imagined. If you get the lint lizard and your dryer is not running with increased performance–you’ll likely need a local professional to diagnose.

Does the Lint Lizard Work?

The feedback for the product is overwhelmingly positive. Most people I’ve talked with collect more than they ever imagined. The only way to find out how much lint is hiding in your dryer is to get the product. One person I talked with has an industrial strength vacuum and the Lint Lizard did not fit. However, it does fit all standard vacuum sizes with a hose.

Where to Buy

Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. Check for alternative Kits Online at Amazon for $16.00!

UK Brings Urban Chic to Plus Size Beauties

MDM’s FIND OF THE DAY for ALL SEASON FASHION is UK-based clothing and accessories store: SimplyBe.

Finally, there is an online store that offers chic fashion choices for young plus size women: sizes 10 to 28.  Online or in catalog, you’ll find blouses, T-shirts, tunics, skirts, dresses, vests, shrugs, sweaters, jeans, dress pants, jackets, suits, evening wear, swimwear, shapewear and lingerie,  wide calf shoes, purses, belts, and other accessories!  Simply Be sells several brands including Joe Browns, Cool Britannia, Angel Ribbons, Abigail, Jeffrey & Paul, Anna Scholz, Sole Diva, and more!  All clothing is well-designed, cut/fitted, and true to size.  Usually the colors are accurate, however if you are ordering from the catalog be sure to look at the items online too (MDM noticed a few color variations from catalog to online).

Items can be fairly pricey and if you are ordering from out of the country you’ll like encounter custom’s fees in addition to sales tax which is mentioned in their online policy but not stated on the print-out receipt.  However they usually offer several discounts to save you cash such as catalog and online promotional codes ranging from 20 to 30% Off (not permitted to use more than one code).  You can save even more if you wait for end of  season sales such as the 70% off SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE going on right now.

When selecting clothing and accessories outside the UK, MDM recommends looking for unique fashions that you could not find elsewhere and look at the fabric.  Select natural fabrics such as silk, wool, 100% cotton (or high percent cotton to polyester).  Acrylics tend to pill after washes or over time.  When you get items, read the directions.  Some outfits say that the color in the fabric may bleed;  you will need to pre-soak them in cold water then wash before wear.











Marilyn Monroe Inspired Skirt & Obi Belt!




Jackie Kennedy O.  Inspired Dress!



Web Address:

Get Your Groupon!

 The buying power of many outweighs the buying power of few.  This is not a new idea, the big retail chains have always been able to get price breaks over the small mom and pop businesses.  Small businesses in recent years have joined together to get deals on health care insurance for employees, though I am not sure that “deal” and health care insurance belong in the same sentence.  However, I digress.  Well, we have seen buyers enter into clubs to get deals on products. Hold that thought or rather extend it with GROUPON.

This online site offers free membership to buyers interested in their special deals of the day and they can be fantastic deals.  If a number of buyers are interested in a particular deal on products or services, sort of like a reserve, then the buyer can purchase it at the deal price to be used later.  This encourages you to get your friends in on the deal as well, the more the merrier.   Diversified selection of deals, anything from Bagels to Gym services.

Plus it has a business component by offering to small businesses an opportunity to offer a deal of the day and thereby increase their clientele and their sales.  Win, win for both consumer and business entity!

Offered at present in major metropolitan areas, MarkdownMom foresees expansion and continued growth for this site.

So, Get Your GROUPON and SAVE!

Scoop Up This Freebie!

ScoopNYC ™  is probably more familiar to New Yorkers as a trendy, hot fashion closet with all the latest celeb looks under one roof.  Now you will find stores in major metro cities like Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas and here’s the real scoop:  soon they will be online!

Specializing in-person customer service/shopper, they now have developed their own trademark fragance named what else? Scoop NYC.  A subtle musk with tones of pear blossom, tangerine zest, white peony, jasmine and pink freesia. 


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The Adventure Continues May 22nd

One of MarkDownMom’s favorite movie series is Indiana Jones.  Can you believe it has nearly been 19 years since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (LC) was featured in the movie theaters?  Now, almost on the same date as the LC, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will hit nation wide on May 22, 2008. 

If you can’t stand the wait, click here► to watch the newest teaser trailer of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 

Before the fourth movie hits, you might want to revisit Indiana Jones previous movies, which come in a available at Wal*mart®,  box set reg.$59.99, sale $33.96

If William Shatner Can Game, So Can You

Don’t you just love those ads featuring William Shatner as a World of Warcraft (WoW) shaman?  Somehow ads always speed up during the last few seconds and you miss crucial information, like a website featuring a free trial.  A free 10 day trial can be found on the World of Warcraft site and you can chose the original game or The Burning CrusadeWoW is a massive multiplayer online role playing game so be prepared to interact with other people.  You choose a character avatar and throughout the game may view the landscape, fight monsters, preform quests, interact with other avatars, and build skills.  If you like the game, you may purchase a subscription to it for $29.99.

Markdown Mom’s 10 Top Holiday Gifts #6 & #7

 Do you have a preteen, teenager, college student, or music afficionado on your Christmas List?  One of the best gifts that  Markdown Mom has come up with is a gift that there is still time to get– an iTunes Gift Card! 



This solves a lot of problems in our family–one being we are not finding unexpected charges to our account for tunes from artists like Interpol,  Finger Eleven, Colby Caillat, Timbaland, and others. 

Have a budding film maker or just someone who loves the movies?  Like who doesn’t?  Well, instead of searching for dinero for the movies, you can get a gift card from your local movie theater.   It doesn’t mean that they won’t hit you up for popcorn and soda money, but there will be less trips to the ATM machine. 

For Movie Gift Cards check at your local movie theater or go online to Fandango , Regal Entertainment Group, and others.

The great thing about gift cards is that you can give what you can afford, and in this case, a gift that will give everyone a break from their busy schedules or just the winter blahs. 

 *some photos courtesy of Wikipedia®

A New Twist on Gift Cards: What All Game Lovers Are Wishing For

Gamers have a lot to wish for this holiday with games like Halo 2, Silent Hill Origins, and The Simpson’s Game.  However, gift givers may have a difficult time finding these in the stores, not to mention finding the correct format (PSP, PS2, XBOX360).  Gift givers may want to ask themselves "what happens when the gamer has completed all levels?", the answer usually is collecting dust or propping up windows.  The simple solution that pleases both buyer and gamer is a gift certificate to GameFly.  GameFly essentially works like Netflix.  The gamer selects videogames that he/she would like to play and will receive them within 1-2 days.  You can keep the videogames for as long as you want without incurring a late fee.  When you’re done ship it back in the envelope it was sent in.  It’s as easy as defeating the zombies in Doom!  Gift certificates can be purchased for 1-12 months (1 month is $22.95, 2 games out at a time).  You may have the gift certificate sent to the recipient via e-mail or print it out and hand deliver.

Happy Gaming!

Rascals or Royalty?

It is reported that to some degree, United States citizens, can trace their lineage to a royal person–if you search long and hard.   Along this journey, one may find some savory skeletons in the ancestry closet that can even prove more fun than our proper ancestors and could explain why your favorite aunt has that wonderful wild side.  Maybe it is because as citizens of a rather young nation, finding our past not only is worthwhile, but intriguing as well. How come your sister looks so different than you, or why do you have a bump on your nose and no one in your immediate family does?  Not all questions have to be monumental in nature, but every little piece of the puzzle gives us a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.

Genealogy is not only an enlightening avocation, but has given rise to the recent craft phenomena, scrapbooking.  Now you can add volumes of information to your family tree, by researching online through such sites as Ancestor Hunt©  perhaps the largest, free database with additional aids sponsored by the Church of Latter Day Saints and free marriage records at GeneaLinks© , and through Google Search of U.S. government public records,at© , plus others. 

New on the scene is©, that is a monthly subscription site currently being marketed  by the major home shopping network  QVC ®for $33.26, one month subscription plus a 12" x 12" family  scrapbook kit is included in this price.  Or, you can try this new site by taking advantage of a free two-week trial offer with an initial membership for a month of $19.95, which can be canceled at any time.  This site offers both U.S. and Worldwide searches. 

History tells us that in order to understand the present or the future, first look to the past.  Here is a family history preservation and pastime that can be enjoyed by all for free or for a minimal investment, depending upon your time allocation.

*tintype courtesy of base10, flickr™