Ellen Degeneres Debuts Her Line ED on QVC

Ellen DeGeneres keeps flexing her many talents from comedy, tv host, furniture and decor, and now a new line on QVC.  Last night, her home decor line with a few articles of apparel was debut on  as part of their Countdown to Christmas promotion.

MDM especially  liked the Cast Iron Word Wall Hooks for $21.70  featured price + 5.00 sh.  We could see all kinds of applications in the home:  hold keys, etc. in the entryway, cooking utensils in the kitchen, Xmas socks near the living room fireplace, clothes catch all in the bedroom, and on and on…


PBS ‘A Chef’s Life’ Brings Southern Comfort Home

This popular program on PBS has not only provided viewers with an incite of a chef’s life associated with the opening and running of a restaurant,  but has given us a look into the rural South and its’ fabulous culinary offerings.  Now it goes a step further  making available the specialties of the region such as their very own inspired Blueberry BBQ Sauce.  Now you can purchase a 16oz. jar at Southern Season for $12.99.  As Chef Vivian Howard suggests think of this sauce as a finishing glaze on ham, poultry, even greens and as a dipping sauce.  MDM bought 4 jars, two to keep on hand, and 2 as presents.  Check out other fine cooking delicacies at this site.  Spend $69.00  and shipping is free!

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Comes To SHOPHQ!

Mark  Cuban, investor,entrepreneur , owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and most recently one of the 6 stars of ABC’s Shark Tank, has brought to SHQP one of the products that made it’s debut on the show.  This item first appeared in Europe, and later was redesigned by entrepreneur Mary Beth Lugo and brought to the attention of Mr. Cuban and the other sharks for investment.

The KaZAM® Children’s Balance Bike  with Adjustable and Handlebars replace the old bicycle with training wheels or more daunting method of teaching your child to ride a bike by running beside him/her on the bike and helping to balance.  Balance is the key to riding a bike successfully and the KaZAM® does this in short order creating instant fun and exercise  for your child minus the potential parental heart attack!  It’s  available at SHOPHQ for  $79.09 +SH $11.99  on 3 Valupays.  Comes in 4 great colors  of  Red, Blue, Green and Orange.  Ages  3 and up.  Buy now and save for the Holidays!

Wipe New Coupon

WIPE NEW is the a very popular infomercial right now. Wipe New is a finish for your car that lasts longer than other products. Below you will read a tutorial on how to use Wipe New. I’ve also included a coupon below — if you buy one you will get one free. Just click the image below to activate and it will be automatically applied.

Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free:

Tutorial Videos: Applied Wipe New to the engine bay, interior, and exterior paint of a 1998 Mazda Miata. We restored the car to like-new condition. This series of videos will help illustrate how you can achieve the same for your car using Wipe New. Stop re-applying product to keep your vehicle looking new!



Exterior Pain/ Advanced Uses/Professionals:


What is a Schticky? It is a washable lint roller–it picks up lint and a whole lot more. For example, got a problem with shedding pet hair? Roll the Schticky over the hair and the hair sticks to the Schticky. For quick cleaning of the roller, all you have to do is rinse under the faucet.

The commercial claims to:

  • Works on fabrics from wool to velvet
  • Can do multiple surfaces; you don’t have to go from vacuum to broom
  • Pick up pet hair from clothes or the sofa
  • Great for cobwebs, curtains or other hard to reach places
  • Its slippery when it is wet and sticky when dry

So does it work?

Works on fabrics from wool to velvet:  It does work on all fabrics in picking up debris.  It works on cloth, but it also works on a granite counter top to pick up crumbs.

Pick up hair: Yes it does work to pick up hair. Especially if you leave hair in your bathroom after a blow dry. The lint roller doesn’t clean hair in a flash, but it is quick. You may have to help the hair off with your hands occasionally. It picks up pet hair quick and cleans it quick too.

Additional uses: I’m always finding other uses for the ‘lint roller.’ First, I can clean crumbs up from my desk. I also can clean up my car seat if I absolutely have to eat on the go. I’m sure there are a hundred other ways to use the roller.

Ordering process: We ordered the product online — without any issues. The bonus big Shticky is not 100% free as you have to pay a separate processing change. Fine. About a week after we ordered, I got a call that the product has shipped and I was eligible for a gas card. I did not get the gas card as it required membership in a program.

Bottom Line

This is a great tool for neat freaks — or people who want to stay clean.

Check for BIG Schticky™ Bonus Offer  See Bonus Offer…

Trendy Top Alternatives

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock–you’ve likely seen the as seen on infomercial for a product called ‘Trendy Top.’

Basically, it is a wrap that covers low rise jeans and help fights butt crack or peekaboo panties.

Trendy Top Reviews

The reviews for the wrap are overwhelmingly positive. They fight butt crack. They fit. They don’t fall off during the day. However, the problem with the top is that due to overwhelming demand, it can take a month or two before the order arrives. That’s why we are offering these alternatives to you:

Trendy Top Alternatives

  1. JAKS – they are the same thing. The biggest difference is that they come in lace. JAKs, made of stretch lace, are a band worn over pants and under shirts. JAKS appear to be a lace camisole layered underneath a top but in fact, are the latest trend used to cover butt-crack and muffin tops.
  2. BELLY BANDS – They are actually for maternity wear, but serve the purpose to hide butt cracks. They are designed for solves your fashion emergencies at every stage of your pregnancy, keeping you comfortable and stylish. Designed to keep your clothes fitting better so you can wear your favorites longer. You can pick up these at any maternity store or even Walmart in the maternity section.



Press Dough Cookie Maker Review — Buy 1 Get 1 Free

DO NOT Buy the Press Dough! Cookie Maker Before Reading This Review…

Press Dough Reviews: One Simple Trick Makes a Huge Difference

Some Press Dough reviews talk about how poor the cookies turn out. But most reviews do not tell you why OR if you can fix this issue.

As it turns out, we found out why–and we will tell you how you can fix this issue.

You see, not all cookie doughs are the same! In fact, if you use traditional recipes–or the store-bought recipes–you’ll likely find the cookies lose their shape in the oven. In the, end the cookies do not look anything like the character they should represent. This may lead to disappointment. And judging by other consumer reviews posted about the Press Dough–this is the most common complaint.

The Best Cookie Dough for Press Dough

As it turns out, you need to use spritz cookie dough recipes. Spritz cookies are not uncommon. In fact, if you were to use a professional cookie press–you will most likely use a sprintz cookie dough recipe. This is because ‘spritz’ is German for ‘squirt.’ And that is what you can do with spritz cookie dough.

Fortunately, this type of cookie dough holds it shape better than other cookie dough. The best recipe is the Betty Crocker Ultimate Spritz. (I find that if you do not use baking powder, the cookies hold shape better.)

Other tips for the press dough:

  • Preheat oven to 400.
  • Refrigerate the dough for 15 minutes before cooking.

Press Dough Cookie Maker, Does It Really Work?

It works surprisingly well if you use the right cookie dough — and the kids just have fun for hours. Bottom-line: Buy this for fun–but use the right dough.

Check to See if You Qualify for the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer…

Quick Tip: Make a Dryer Vent Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

Make a Lint Lizard

Unless you have been hiding under a rock–you have likely seen the lint lizard advertised on TV. It is a long tube attachment for your vacuum. It is designed to fit in hard to reach places inside your dryer to suck up lint that may be clogging your dryer’s exhaust.

But you do not need to buy the lint lizard–you can make one yourself!

1. Go to the hardware store. Buy a five foot clear tubing with a 1 inch diameter. It will cost about $3.00.

2. Get some insulation tape (padded tape). And wrap it around one of the ends of the lint lizard. Keep wrapping until it makes the diamater just large enough to be slightly larger than the end of your vacuum hose.

3. The clear tubbing with the padded end should just fit snugly. You may want to tape the tube to the vacuum hose for added security.

Place the hose in your dryer to suck up the lint. Please unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet before you start.


Lint Lizard Review — Buy 1 Get 1 Free (UPDATE:YES–The Lint Lizard is in Stores! Find Out Where…)

A cool new product — you may never look at your dryer the same!

Fact: Dryers become clogged — even if you change your lint filter before and after each use .

Yes, the lint filter catches most lint. But lint remains. Some of the lint falls into the nooks and crannies of the dryer’s internal ventilation ducts. Over time this buildup may prevent hot air from escaping. If the hot air cannot escape, there is a greater risk of fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in 1998, clothes dryers were associated with 15,600 fires, which resulted in 20 deaths and 370 injuries.

You’ll need something to enter the internal ducts of your dryer and suck up remnant lint. The Lint Lizard may help.

Lint Lizard

There is an As Seen on TV infomercial for a dryer lint cleaner. It’s called the lint lizard.

Basically it is an extended hose for your vacuum that is designed to fit in your lint trap. After you attach it to your vacuum, you feed the hose in the nooks and crannies of the dryer. It sucks trapped lint out of the dryer. The amount of lint it collects depends on many factors. First, experts recommend you give your dryer a deep cleaning every year. If you haven’t done this for a while–you’ll probably find more lint than you’d ever expect. Second, it depends on how often you clean your removable lint filter. If you don’t clean this filter before and after each use; you’ll likely find a lot of lint in the dryer’s internal ducts.


The the pros are that you will have a clean dryer. This in turn cuts drying time, increases dryer performance, prolongs dryer’s life and reduces the risk of a vent fire. The lint lizard with it’s suction abilities will collect more lint than any extended bush. These are all good benefits.

The cons are that you really do not know if you are getting all the lint unless you dismantle the dryer. (Or get an optic hose with a video camera to probe). You will, however, get a good feeling when you suck up more lint than you imagined. If you get the lint lizard and your dryer is not running with increased performance–you’ll likely need a local professional to diagnose.

Does the Lint Lizard Work?

The feedback for the product is overwhelmingly positive. Most people I’ve talked with collect more than they ever imagined. The only way to find out how much lint is hiding in your dryer is to get the product. One person I talked with has an industrial strength vacuum and the Lint Lizard did not fit. However, it does fit all standard vacuum sizes with a hose.

Where to Buy

Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond. Check for alternative Kits Online at Amazon for $16.00!