Authentic Chinese Meals for Under $10

United Noodles Oriental Foods is the largest Chinese market in Minnesota.  This market is excellent for the novice as well as the expert in      Chinese cuisine.  Inside you’ll find an array of cookware, tea sets, decor, rice (white, brown, black, and sweet rice), noodles (rice, pho, etc…), sauces and spices, produce, fresh seafood, frozen goods, beverages, candy, and more!  Also unique is an aisle dedicated to Hawaiian goodies such as sweet potato chips, pink sea salt, coconut and tropical drinks.  There is an indoor restaurant that serves delicious hot meals such as beef noodle soup, teriyaki beef, chicken curry, BBQ ribs and Pho for $7.  Tea is free!


2015 East 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404


Directions: Heading east on Franklin Avenue, make a left at Minnehaha. Drive straight until you see the Coastal Seafood store on East 24th Street and make a right. On the left side, look for the Snelling District sign and make a left into the alley.

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