220 Foot Alien Like Bug Spotted on Google Maps!

Google Maps (aka Google Earth) is a software program that lets you see satellite images of the entire earth. I was certainly shocked to find a 220 foot alien like bug creature over the farms of Germany. (Click the image below to go to Google’s website and see for yourself).

Click to enlarge...


Don’t worry; we are not being invaded by aliens. After some research, it turns out that a bug got in between the glass plate and the scanner when they were importing images. Nonetheless, it is interesting stuff.


How does this story relate to our mission (the art of elegance on a budget)?
MarkDownMom loves Google earth because you can see the world at your fingertips. You can scan the Alps, then frolic over the French flower meadows. You can effectively get a taste of world travel for free. Download Google Earth and see the world. You may be surprised what you find!


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  1. Great post, just like always. When I’m entering your blog I’m always sure I won’t regret it. Continue writing.

    Dear Rick; Thanks so much.  Power outages have delayed posting this week, but hopefully we are up and running now!  Markdown Mom.

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