Calling All Engineers, Entrepreneurs, & Inventors: 3D PRINTER FOR HOME USE IS HERE!

It’s finally here !  You can make your own pre-prototype right at home.  MakerBot Replicator Mini Replicator3D printer.  An early version last year had glitches that supposedly were dealt with in its’ latest version.  It still remains small and is fairly slow–on the plus size is its’ ease of set-up and the  user’s ability to monitor its’ printing progress.

MarkdownMom found prices ranged from a low of  $600 on Ebay to a  high of $1400.  Still a rather expensive novelty–you may want to wait for technology to catch up to its’ potential.


Once in awhile, an issue comes along of such gravity, that it demands our utmost attention and immediate call to arms, and for me this one hits close to home. MarkdownMom asks that you read the following post and act as quickly as possible:

30,000 people die from influenza in the U.S. and they call it a pandemic. 30,000 people die from ALS  and they call it an orphan disease.

Feeling good about the ALS Bucket Challenge?  Well, you should—-and you shouldn’t.  That historic amount raised for ALS is greatly needed money for research, but it doesn’t  go into treatment.  Patients must fight everyday to live, struggling each day to hang on, waiting, hoping… For some eating, speaking, even breathing on your own becomes a luxury.  Quality medical care, necessary to remain alive while the cure or any significant treatment goes through the scientific hoops of clinical trials, becomes impossible to find, to coordinate, and in the case of Cheryl Sweeney, downright dangerous (see previous post).

The disease progresses very fast at times and patients soon find that they are in a medical subclass, too advanced to participate in potential life-saving clinical trials—-for them, it is denied.  Cheryl Sweeney, like other ALS patients, finds herself in such a situation.  The struggle plays upon her mind, the cost of finding qualified care, the problems of scheduling care 24 hours around-the-clock, the stress and toll on family members, feelings of dependency, and the limitations of her body—all creating a sense of despair that can be seen in her eyes and in the limited conveyance of words by her on a computer.

She is one of many in the U.S. and around the world in this position.  Some are doing better, like Stephen Hawking whose celebrity makes available resources that most with this disease do not have access to; some are doing worse in countries where medical resources and equipment are more limited than in the U.S.

But what good are advanced and sophisticated  medical equipment, breakthroughs in medical research, and the most talented physicians and researchers if you don’t have access to them?

However, Cheryl does have something as powerful—a loving family and loyal friends who won’t give up on her and other ALS patients facing this predicament . And now there is real hope, there is the means for inclusion and extension of a breakthrough medical treatment for her and other ALS late stage patients from stem cell treatment with NurOwn(tm) by Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics. However, because she and others are late stage ALS patients, this is not an option.  So close and, yet so far.

But, through the social media, you can help them to gain expanded access to this life-saving treatment.  You can support her and others like her by signing the petition to include them in this new treatment at When could you  with just a click, taking only a second, possibly save so many lives?

Do it right now. Do it for Cheryl. Do it for all ALS patients! image

Why Are All The High End Fashion Stores Leaving The Twin Cities?

Well, it’s official, the last vestiges of Saks, Saks Off Fifth, has left the Cities.  First to leave was Neiman Marcus, next Bloomingdales–even from their location at the Mall of America, and now Saks Outlet store.  Now one can understand the former stores leaving during the economic decline, yet, one would have thought Bloomingdales would have kept their MOA store with all its’ international traffic, and Saks Outlet is a popular chic, designers bargain basement store–perhaps the downtown location was not the most advantageous, but hopefully we will see them return at a more strategic location in theTwin Cities.  As of now, its’ location will be filled with another super Walgreens store as part of the city’s downtown revitalization.

Perhaps this is yet another sign that the sick economy has not fully recovered.


Near County Road C in Maplewood, Minnesota, in one half of a brick building, is housed a meat market that not only carries spectacular cuts of meat for the dinner table, but also items that cater to the gourmands among us. The Angus Meat Market assaults your senses and eyes when you walk in with the smells of hickory and smoke, and an array of meats including every cut of steak imagineable, jerky in a variety of flavors made from beef, turkey and chicken, and double-smoked hickory bacon. What drew MarkdownMom to this site was their large sign heralding “Double Smoked Hams.” For the holidays, this is a must have and your quests will rave at the moistness and flavor of their hams, and for that special occasion you can even order a whole pig for roasting!
For those who culinary tastes are more adventurous, this market carries specialized meats such as alligator and smoked alligator and kangaroo (delight for all those Crocodile Dundee fans), bison, elk, kobe/wygu (Japan) patties and steaks, farm raised venison, wild boar, goat and grass fed beef can be ordered! Besides free range chickens and turkeys, they carry small birds including quail, cornish hens, and partridge.
.For the hunters, The Home Market processes all kinds of game. For you favorite pooch, they even have dog treats–the lists goes on and on. And what ‘s equally important, prices were more than competitive–like 95% ground beef for $4.99/lb!
Oh, MarkdownMom mustn’t forget that the other half of the brick building houses the family’s liquor store. One stop shopping to pick up that special beverage to go along with your delicious meals.

This Is One Family-Owned Business where family pride is shown in the quality of their product!!!

FB FIND OF THE WEEK #2: DIY Hair Dryer/Flat Iron Storage Stand


After seeing this on FaceBook, MarkdownMom found directions for this project at Pinterest This project will run you under $10 to make.

Supplies : 3x3x2.PVC Pipe – Wye Shape.   Spray paint  (in color of your choice) plus other decorating supplies.   MDM suggests add a weight at the bottom or, if attaching to a cabinet , 10 x 3/4wood screws .

Quick, Handy, and Cheap!

Biggest Profit Maker For Retailers

CNN reported today that retailers make almost $4 billion dollars from gift cards and that this form of gift giving is the biggest loss for consumers.  Why? The $4 billion dollars is not from items purchased using  gift cards, it  is the   value amount of unredeemed gift cards each year.

This is not to say that gift cards /certificates do no have their place.  However, with 25% of recipients failing to use these cards before the expiration date, recipients should take these measures to insure that they don’t lose  out:

  • Do not shelve these cards in a drawer.  Put them  immediately in your  wallet where  you keep your credit cards–same is true of your rewards  cards.
  • To get more bang for you gift card buck, use your cards immediately and take advantage of retailers  After Christmas Sales when sales and clearance are 70% off or more. Low inventory may pose a selection limitation right now ; but wait a couple of weeks and try again after shelves and racks have been restocked.
  • When using gift cards, consider buying something more extravagant that you have wished for–better to supplement gift card with cash, then to leave a forgettable balance, as 40% of gift.card buyers find out.

Remember, the longer you hold unto gift cards, the longer retailers  have to use your money interest free–and unless you are a stock owner can you afford to subsidize them?  Use it or lose it has particular meaning to this gift!

Special Ladies~It's Your Sale Day!

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